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I have a broad design background in both digital and traditional design, including UI/UX, visual design, graphic design, illustration and fine art. I’m passionate about applying the principles of design thinking to help clients explore and solve problems, simplify complex information, and deliver superior user experiences. I do my best work in highly collaborative, design-centric work environments. Next to my computer, my favorite design tools are a fresh pack of dry erase pens, a mini whiteboard, and a stack of post-it notes, as I believe using visuals to help people see, understand and react to a design challenge is the fastest path to solving it. My favorite phrase is, “Ah, now I understand!”

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Client Feedback

“Dave brings curiosity to his problem solving, projects and environment. A great asset to any team.”

Dolly Parikh, Sr. UX Designer, PayPal

“Dave’s thinking is out of the box– but still on target.”

Jan Koehler Design Director, WebTV

“Across the hall or across the planet, we could always count on Dave to deliver.”

Dana Burd, Gotuit Media

“Dave's especially exceptional. I have been consistently impressed and more than satisfied.”

Vincent Le Chevalier, SVP Platform Development Skiff - Hearst Interactive Media

“If you’re looking to maintain the status quo, Dave’s not your man. His perspective will stretch your imagination!”

Ed DeMattia, Principal, MediaWrites

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UX/UI/Visual Design

UI Designer

UX/UI/Visual Design


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